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The week before he returns to school for his senior year, popular High School jock Tommy Dawkins is bitten and turned into a werewolf. The only person Tommy Dawkins can turn to for help is the school nerd and Goth Fantasy Guild President Merton J Dingle. Now Tommy & Merton while still looking for a cure for Tommy's condition fight a whole slew of baddies in Pleasantville including Mummies, Vampires, 50's Bullies, Witches. In the Second Season they are joined by kick boxer Lori Baxter who had just transferred from Pleasantville Catholic.

Brandon Quinn as Tommy Dawkins
Danny Smith as Merton Dingle
Rachelle LeFevre as Stacey Hanson
Aimée Castle as Lori Baxter
Rob DeLeeuw as Travis Eckert
Domenic Di Rosa as Tim Eckert
Jane Wheeler as Sally Dawkins
Alan Fawcett as Mayor Bob Dawkins
Jack Mosshammer as Dean Dawkins
Natalie Vansier as Becky Dingle
Richard Jutras as Hugo Bostwick

1. Pilot
2. The Bookmobile
3. Butch Comes to Shove
4. Cat Woman
5. Witch College
6. The Pleasantville Strangler
7. Stage Fright

8. That Swamp Thing You Do
9. Muffy the Werewolf Slayer
10. Stalk Like an Egyptian
11. Flugelhoff!
12. Invisible Merton
13. The Wolf Is Out There
14. Interview with a Werewolf

15. Fangs for the Memories
16. Time and Again
17. Big Bad Wolf
18. Scary Terri
19. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
20. The Exor-Sis
21. Don't Fear the Reaper
22. Game Over

23. Hello Nasty
24. Frank Stein
25. Commie Dawkins
26. The Girl Who Spied Wolf
27. Apocalypse Soon
28. The Sandman Cometh
29. The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

30. Imaginary Fiend
31. 101 Damnations
32. Mind Over Merton
33. Blame It on the Haim
34. Pleased to Eat You
35. The Manchurian Werewolf
36. Manchu: Part Deux

37. Mr. Roboto
38. Rob: Zombie
39. Fear and Loathing in Pleasantville
40. Faltered States
41. Butch Is Back
42. Voodoo Child
43. She Will, She Will Rock You
44. Clip Show: The Kiss of Death

45. Stone Free
46. Everybody Fang Chung Tonight
47. I Dream of Becky
48. Stormy Weather
49. Anti-Claus Is Coming to Town
50. Hellection
51. Being Tommy Dawkins

52. Save the Last Trance
53. N'Sipid
54. Very Pale Rider
55. Play It Again, Samurai
56. Dances Without Wolves
57. Baby on Board
58. The Boy Who Tried Wolf

59. The Mertonator
60. What's Vlud Got to Do with It?
61. There's Something About Lori
62. Switch Me Baby One More Time
63. What's the Story, Mourning Corey
64. Thanks
65. Clip Show: The Sum of All Fears

Complete 1-65; 9 DVD's
Quality = Season 1, Discs 1-3 quality is 6.5-7 out of 10. Season 2 & 3, Discs 4-9 the quality is 8.5 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials.

Season 1 (discs 1-3) is taken from vhs have some eps with some static blips. One ep on disc 3 has audio issues, it pops & goes in and out of sync through out the ep. The overall quality of the 1st three discs is 6.5-7 out of 10.

Season 2 & 3 (discs 4-9) were taken from a different source and the quality is 8.5 out of 10.

Price $39.50USD


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