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Seattle police detective John Kanin (Phillips) was the happiest man in the world. That is, until his fiancée, Ruby (Mia Kirshner), vanished one night after a bloody attack that left a man's severed hand behind. Later, John discovers Ruby wasn't who he thought she was. In fact, the police can't find any record of her ever having existed. Unsure how to go on, he dedicates himself to finding out what happened to her and hunting down every clue he can find.

Months later, John gets a mysterious call from a trucker who says he dropped off Ruby near the Pacific Northwest town of Wolf Lake. John hops on his motorcycle and rides in to the small town, quickly running into several of the friendly-but-odd locals, who maintain they've never seen Ruby before. When the town's sheriff, Matthew Donner (Matheson), gives John a lead, he quickly discovers that he's been sent on a wild goose chase. Then John runs into the high school's science teacher, Sherman Blackstone (Greene), who seems to be able to appear and vanish at will. In fact, John begins to find out that nothing in Wolf Lake is quite what it appears to be.

Only the sheriff's teen-age daughter, Sophia (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), seems to hint that there might be a reason for John to stay around. What John does know is that the people of Wolf Lake know something about Ruby, and he won't leave until he finds out what that is.

Late one night, he sees a white wolf. The wolf just stares at him, and he can't take his eyes off it. The next day, John tracks down Ruby's parents, only to discover they don't know any more than he does about where she is. John quickly begins to suspect that the secrets the town protects so preciously are much deeper and more dangerous than he could ever imagine.

Scott Bairstow - Tyler Creed
Graham Greene - Sherman Blackstone
Tim Matheson - Sheriff Matthew Donner
Bruce McGill - William Cates
Lou Phillips - John Kanin
Paul Wasilewski - Luke Cates
Mary Winstead - Sophia Donner

Unaired Pilot

1. Meat The Parents
2. The Changing
3. Soup to Nuts

4. Tastes Like Chicken
5. Excitable Boy
6. Four Feet Under

7. Leader of the Pack
8. Legend of Lost Lenore
9. If These Wolves Could Talk

Complete 1-9 + unaired pilot; 4 DVD's
Quality = 9 out of 10
Wide Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. Capped from widescreen HD source. The unaired pilot is in full screen format.

Price $23.50USD



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