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Two students (Jian-Wa and Wago) in the Peoples Republic of China are forced to flee out of China after having taken part in a protest action for freedom (reference is made to the fights at Tiananmen Square in 1989). They come to America, and try to build up a new life.

Wago, who is hot-headed, falls in with a gang and he and two federal agents are murdered. Jian-Wa is determined to find the culprits who are lead by the mysterious "The General" a Vietnamese who is making millions of dollars. Compounding the problem, Federal Agent Sandler is pursuing Jian-Wa because he thinks Jian-Wa killed the agents; Agent Phillips, who works for Sandler, is keeping an open mind about Jian-Wa's guilt or innocence.

Russell Wong as Jian-Wa Chang
Jason Adams as Agent Dan Sandler
Stephanie Niznik as Agent Judith Phillips
Chi Moui Lo as the spirit of Wago Chang
Vivian Wu as Lili
Rebecca Gayhearta as Clair Armstrong
Haing S. Ngor as The General
James Leland Adams as Agent Dan Sandler
Michael Cavanaugh as Marcek
Catherine Bell as Kelly
Kurt Fuller as Isaac

Season 1
1. Vanishing Son I
2. Vanishing Son II

ET Behind the scenes
3. Vanishing Son III
4. Vanishing Son IV

Season 2
5. Dance of the Dust
6. Holy Ghosts
7. Birds of Paradise

8. Single Flame
9. Sweet Sixteen
10. Miracle Under 34th Street

11. Runaway Hearts
12. Lock and Load, Babe
13. Two Guys with Guns

14. Win, Place or Dead
15. Jersey Girl

16. Long Ago and Far Away
17. Land of the Free

Complete 1-17; 7 DVD's
Quality = 7 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. Taken from older vhs. The quality of the 4 tv movies is 7.5-8/10. The quality of season 2 is roughly 6.5-7/10. Some eps have the hi-fi vcr stamp on the corner of the screen throughout, and there are static blips every now and then. The ep quality of miracle under 34th street is about a 6. So far these are the only copies we have come across of this series. There are others claiming the quality of this series is a solid 8/10, they're lying or have low standards for quality. These are watchable, but don't expect fantastic quality.

Price $29.50USD


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