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David (Ivan Sergei, "Jack & Jill", "Crossing Jordan", "Hawaii") is a likeable Everyman struggling to maintain some semblance of normalcy in the cutthroat world of entertainment. Hired by Red (John Cleese), the owner of the network, for his insight into the average American mind, David is upbeat, idealistic wants to make a difference. It won't be easy, considering his crew of quirky cohorts and celebrities, all of whom are typically unpredictable and neurotically insecure.

David's fellow network associates include Paul Weffler (Ed Begley, Jr., "Meego"), the president of IBS, who hopes David is a golden child who'll revive the network and save his job without actually stealing it from him; Mike McClarren (James McCauley), senior vice president of programming, who bets money that David won't last a week in the office without lying; Lindsay Urich (Melinda McGraw, "Living In Captivity"), vice president of comedy development, who can take a man's simple "hello" and turn it into a sexual harassment suit; and Joanne Walker (Sherri Shepherd-Tarpley, "Holding The Baby", "Suddenly Susan", "Emeril", "Less Than Perfect"), who started at the company five months ago as an assistant and is now the vice president of programming.

With no time to adapt, David has been thrown into the rough waters of office politics and finds himself surrounded by sharks. But he's a survivor, and he'll do his best to try and duck the personality disorders of his well-intentioned but misguided coworkers who threaten to take his morals and decency down with them.

After two episodes, the show was renamed "My Adventures in Television." Six episodes were produced of the series, but a minor scandal over the "Chinese Baby" episode forced ABC to yank the series before the finale aired.

Ivan Sergei - David Weiss
Ed Begley Jr. - Paul Weffler
Melinda McGraw - Lindsay Urich
James McCauley - Mike McClarren
Sherri Shepherd - Joanne Walker
John Cleese - Red Lansing

1. Pilot
2. The Art of Groveling
3. Death Be Not Pre-Empted
4. Chinese Baby
5. Fired

Complete 1-5; 1 DVD
Quality = 8.5 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no commercials, no subtitles.

Price $10.00USD



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