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Savvy and seductive private detective Glenn Hall (Gina Gershon) doesn't let the Bill of Rights bog her down. Investigators working for her agency must be willing to treat the Constitution as nothing more than a flashing yellow light on the road to truth, justice or a big retainer.

Manny Lott (Danny Nucci) is a whiz with a mini-cam and a mini-mic and loves a woman in a mini-skirt. But he also carries a mini-tranquilizer gun and will likely shoot you if you annoy him.

Roberta Young (Paula Jai Parker) is prone to brazen deeds like stealing a deadbeat dad's toupee and holding it in "escrow" until dad forks over the child support.

Glenn's newest recruit is former police detective Dana Plant (Paula Marshall). By-the-book and straightforward in approach, Dana seems an odd choice, like water to Glenn's oil. But Dana's conservative nature belies her brilliance as a sleuth, and Glenn can tell that Dana is secretly thrilled with the opportunity to "color outside the lines" for the first time in her life.

Conflicts and quirks aside, the private dicks of Glenn Hall, Inc. will make sure that no one gets away with murder in the city of angels.

David E. Kelley, the Emmy, Peabody and Golden Globe Award-winning creator and executive producer of "The Practice," "Ally McBeal," "Chicago Hope" and "Picket Fences," takes a fun look at a sexy ensemble of unconventional private investigators in Los Angeles.

Gina Gershon - Glenn Hall
Edward Kerr - Lieutenant Greg McCormack
Paula Marshall - Dana Plant
Danny Nucci - Manny Lott
Paula Jai Parker - Roberta Young
Stephen Tobolowsky - Michael Finch

1. Pilot
2. Singer in the Band
3. Bedfellas
4. Higher Calling
5. The Heartless Bitch

6. Separation Anxiety
7. Constitution
8. True Believers
9. The Grinch
10. A Criminal Mind

Complete 1-10; 2 DVD's
Quality = 7.5 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. Episode 7 on disc 2 has static blips for the first 2 minutes and then it clears up.

Price $19.50USD



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