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Shadow Chasers featured straight-laced British anthropologist Jonathan MacKensie (played by Trevor Eve), who was blackmailed by his department head, Dr. Julianna Moorhouse (Nina Foch) of the fictional Georgetown Institute Paranormal Research Unit (PRU) , into investigating a supposed "haunting" in return for a research grant. He paired up with flamboyant tabloid reporter Edgar "Benny" Benedek (Dennis Dugan) in an attempt to short-cut the time involved, and over Moorhouse's objections. Benny and Jonathan did not get along, but managed to solve the case without killing each other. The episodes continued in this vein, with Jonathan and Benny grudgingly learning to respect and admire each other in typical Odd Couple fashion.

Dennis Dugan as Edgar 'Benny' Benedek
Trevor Eve as Jonathan MacKenzie
Nina Foch as Dr. Julianne Moorhouse

1. Shadow Chasers
2. Spirit of St. Louis
3. Amazing Grace
4. The Middle of Somewhere

5. Parts Unknown
6. The Many Lives of Jonathan
7. Phantom of the Galleria
8. How Green Was My Murder

9. Let's Make a Deal
10. Cora's Stranger
11. Curse of the Full Moon

12. Blood and Magnolias
13. Ahead of Time

Complete 1-13; 4 DVD's
Quality = 5.5 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials.
Taken from older vhs. Pilot has a lot of static. Several eps have black sidebars. Ep 4 is cropped. The quality varies from ep to ep. Overall they are a little fuzzy and have some spots with static blips. So far these are the only copies we have come across.

Price $23.50USD


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