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In the wake of the latest James Bond movie, the United Paramount Network (UPN) introduced this new series as a mid-season replacement in March of 2000. Staring Costas Mandylor (Picket Fences), Dina Meyer (Starship Troopers), and Dondre Whitfield (The Crew), it was the stylish and nitro-fueled adventures of a trio of agents working for the mysterious Agency, and each week they defended the free world against a variety of evil terrorists, rogue agents, and megalomaniacs bent on world domination.

Created by Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black) and Barry Josephson (Wild Wild West), the pair also acted as Executive Producers for the series. While not a spin-off or even an update of the 60's spy classic Secret Agent, this new series did share the same theme song, "Secret Agent Man". The song was written by the team of Phil Sloan and Steve Barri, and originally sung by Johnny Rivers. This time around it was now updated for the 21st Century by ‘The Supreme Beings of Leisure'. While developing a small cult following, the ratings were poor, and UPN called an end to the series after only twelve episodes.

Costas Mandylor - Monk
Dina Meyer - Holiday
Dondré T. Whitfield - Davis
Paul Guilfoyle - Brubeck

1. From Prima with Love
2. Back to School
3. WhupSumAss
4. Like Father, Like Monk

5. Supernaked
6. The Elders
7. The Face
8. Sleepers

9. Uncle S.A.M.
10. Fail-Safe
11. TKO Henry
12. The Breach

Complete 1-12; 3 DVD's
Quality = 9 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials.

Price $23.50USD



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