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The series chronicles the missions of "240-Robert," a specialized unit of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, that utilized four wheel drive vehicles and a helicopter. Most of the assignments were sea/air/land search and rescue operations in the extensive (over 4,000 square miles) jurisdiction. The show's creator was Rick Rosner (himself an LASD reserve deputy), who created the hit CHiPs two years earlier for NBC.

The vehicles used at that time were 1979 Ford Broncos, while the helicopter was a Hughes brand, Model HA-500C (similar in design to the current MD 500).

The series was based on real life cases encountered by the LASD's Emergency Services Detail. The real life ESD is actually headquartered in East Los Angeles. Rick Rosner took artistic liberty and portrayed the headquarters as a "beach-side" station. The actual filming location was at a State of California ranger station located at Sycamore Cove in Ventura County, CA.

John Bennett Perry as Deputy Theodore Roosevelt "TRAP" Applegate III
Mark Harmon as Deputy Dwayne "Thib" Thibideaux
Joanna Cassidy as Deputy Morgan Wainwright
Stephen W. Burns as Deputy Brett Cueva
Pamela Hensley as Deputy Sandy Harper
Thomas Babson as Deputy Terry Caster
Jeffrey Bannister as Deputy Price
Margie Foster as Kam Francis, The Dispatcher
Jeff Galucci as Deputy DeVito
Taylor Lacher as Captain Berman
René Le Vant as Deputy Hamilton
Joe Nicassio as Deputy Gary Roverino
Peter J. Pitchess as Sheriff
Lew Saunders as Deputy C.B. Harris
Steve Tannen as Deputy Frank Kestenbaum
Jay Varela as Lt. Vetter
Brant von Hoffman as Deputy Bottendott

Season 1
1. The Apology
2. Stuntman
3. Bathysphere

4. Models
5. Acting Sergeant
6. Bank Job
7. Out of Sight

8. Time Bomb
9. Double Trouble
10. Poison Air
11. Earthquake

12. The Applicant
13. Oil and Water

Season 2
14. A Cool Welcome
15. First Loss
16. Hostages

Complete 1-16; 5 DVD's
Quality = 6-6.5 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. Taken from older vhs, there are spots with static and some are a little fuzzy. So far we haven't come across better copies.

Price $23.50USD


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