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A short-lived drama similar to "The Mod Squad," a street gang is given two options: either go to jail, or work undercover for the police.

Patrick Swayze - Bandit
Randy Brooks - Eagle
Paul Mones - J.T.
Tracy Scoggins - Tracy
Robert Thaler - Dancer
Brian Tochi - Dragon
Fausto Bara - Gaucho
James Luisi - Lt. Marciano
Kurtwood Smith - Capt. Scanlon

1. Back to School
2. The Demon Dragsters
3. The Big Time
4. On the Pad
5. Film at Eleven
6. Target: Marciano

Complete 1-6; 1 DVD
Quality = 7 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. Taken from older vhs. The first 2 eps have rolling static throughout the entire episodes (there quality is about a 4), the remaining 4 eps are much better in quality. Be aware that this set does not include the movie the series was based on.

Price $10.00USD



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