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Richard Boone hosted the series and starred in about half of the episodes, garnering an Emmy nomination for himself and a Golden Globe award for the show. His repertory company of 15 actors included up-and-comers such as Guy Stockwell and Robert Blake as well as such established performers as Bethel Leslie (who was nominated for an Emmy Award for her performance in the series), Warren Stevens and Harry Morgan. They rotated parts freely; each appeared in most episodes, and each starred in at least one. The regular writers included Robert Dozier, Rod Serling, and Clifford Odets. Producer Buck Houghton was overseen by the prolific team of Mark Goodson and Bill Todman.

Richard Boone as Judge
Warren Stevens as James O'Brien
Bethel Leslie as Maggie Clements
Harry Morgan as Senator Clements
Ford Rainey as Jacob Osserman
Guy Stockwell as Copilot
Lloyd Bochner as Joe Campbell
Jeanette Nolan as Agnes Stringer Stump
Laura Devon as Barbara Slate
Robert Blake as Frankie
June Harding as Jeanette Brown

1. Statement of Fact
2. All the Comforts of Home
3. Wall to Wall War
4. Where Do You Hide an Egg?
5. The Stranger

6. Sorofino's Treasure
7. Vote NO on 11!
8. The Fling
9. Captain Al Sanchez
10. Don't Call Me Dirty Names

11. Big Mitch
12. Which Are the Nuts? Which Are the Bolts?
13. Where's the Million Dollars? [MISSING FROM SET]
14. The Mafia Man
15. The Hooligan
16. Welcome Home, Dan

17. First Sermon
18. Death Before Dishonor
19. A Tough Man to Kill
20. Occupational Hazard
21. Run, Pony, Run

22. The Arena: Part 1
23. The Arena: Part 2
24. All the Blood of Yesterday
25. A Need of Valor

Not Complete 1-25; 5 DVD's
[missing episode 13]
Quality = 7 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials.
Shown in black and white. Taken from older vhs. There are some spots with tracking blips and or static, and a slight background hiss that is normal for older vhs recordings.

Price $25.50USD


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