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Diverse strangers find themselves stranded in a deserted town with no idea of how they got there. Security cameras are watching their every move, defeating their attempts to leave. Faced with physical, emotional and psychological challenges, the hostages must rely on each other to survive as their abductors sow mistrust and pit them against each other. Meanwhile, an investigative reporter begins to look into the disappearances of the missing people despite intimidation by those who apparently know their every move

Jason Wiles as Joe Tucker
Daisy Betts as Janet Cooper
Gerald Kyd as Mark Renbe
Lola Glaudini as Kat Damatto
Tina Holmes as Moira Doherty
Sean O'Bryan as Bill Blackham
Alan Ruck as Charlie Morse
Chadwick Boseman as Sgt. Graham McNair
Kandyse McClure as Erika Taylor

Disc 1
1. Pilot
2. The Edge
3. The Way Through
4. Exit One

Disc 2
5. Incoming
6. The Truth
7. Smoke and Steel
8. Saved

Disc 3
9. Static
10. Identity
11. Seven Sacrifices

Disc 4
12. And Then There Was One
13. Shadows in the Cave

Complete 1-13; 4 DVD's
Quality = 9.5 out of 10
Wide Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials.

Price $24.50USD


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