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North Shore is a lush drama that captures the passion, intrigue and heart of Hawaii. This 20-something ensemble series is set at the Grand Waimea, a luxury hotel, where Jason Matthews (Kristoffer Polaha, America's Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story) is the popular general manager and his ex-girlfriend Nicole Booth (Brooke Burns, Shallow Hal) is the newly hired head of guest relations, having left her father's hotel empire to make her own way in the business and in life. Working side by side causes much tension between them, but their romantic relationship may be far from over.

Just as interesting as the hotel's clientele is its staff, which is filled with friends, thrill-seekers, former con artists and dreamers in paradise. Waitress MJ Bevans (Nikki DeLoach, Misery Loves Company), Jason's surrogate little sister and roommate, is just waiting for her t-shirt design business to blossom into a fashion empire. Chris Remsen (Jay Kenneth Johnson, Days of Our Lives) runs an adventure company that caters to Waimea guests and bartender Frankie Seau (Jason Momoa, Baywatch) keeps those guests well-lubricated while trying to hide a mysterious past. And let's not forget Gabriel Miller (Corey Sevier, Black Sash), the young lifeguard trying to carve out a surfing career, or Tessa Lewis (Amanda Righetti, The O.C.), a former con artist who's now putting her skills to use as the Waimea's concierge.

North Shore delves into relationships among the recurring characters, with the added intrigue of stories about the hotel's affluent and powerful guests. Intrigue and excitement await every guest at the Grand Waimea. Just ask the staff.

Kristoffer Polaha - Jason Matthews
Brooke Burns - Nicole Boyd
James Remar - Vincent Boyd
Nikki DeLoach - M.J. Bevans
Jason Momoa - Frankie Seau
Corey Sevier - Gabriel Miller
Amanda Righetti - Tessa Lewis
Jay Kenneth Johnson - Chris Remsen

1. Pilot
2. Tessa
3. Surprise Party
4. Meteor Shower

5. My Boyfriend's Back
6. Secret Service
7. More
8. Burned

9. Ties That Bind
10. Vice
11. Alexandra
12. Bellport

13. Leverage
14. Illusions
15. The Big One
16. The Cook, the Waitress, the GM and his Lover

17. Sucker Punch
18. Catwalk
19. Shark

20. The Ex-Games

21. The End

Complete 1-21; 6 DVD's
Quality = 8 out of 10
Wide Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. 1 episode is in full screen format.

Price $26.50USD



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