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Nichols (also known as James Garner as Nichols) is an American Western television series starring James Garner broadcast in the United States on NBC during the 1971-72 season. Set the fictional town of Nichols, Arizona, in 1914, Nichols differed from traditional Western series of the era. The main character, a sheriff, rode on a motorcycle and in an automobile rather than on the traditional horse. The hero did not carry a firearm and was generally opposed to the use of violence to solve problems, preferring other means. Margot Kidder portrayed Ruth, the love interest/barmaid of Nichols.

Nichols (no first name was ever given) arrived back in the town founded years before by his family only to learn that it had been taken over by another family, the Ketchams, who functioned basically as a gang. Their matriarch, "Ma" Ketcham (Neva Patterson), soon blackmailed Nichols into serving as the town's sheriff, which carried little real authority (as the Ketchams largely ran things), but considerable danger. Mitch Mitchell (Stuart Margolin) was assigned to be Nichols' deputy, either in spite or because he was none too bright, none too honest, and something of a bully. Nichols (James Garner) soon found a love interest in Ruth (Margot Kidder), a barmaid, who worked for Bertha (Alice Ghostley), the bar's proprietress. Nichols' main concern was not usually law enforcement but rather a way of getting rich with little effort.

James Garner as Nichols
Margot Kidder as Ruth
Neva Patterson as Ma Ketcham
John Beck as Ketcham
Stuart Margolin as Mitch
Alice Ghostley as Bertha
M. Emmet Walsh as Gabe McCutcheon


1. Pilot
2. The Siege
3. The Indian Giver
4. Paper Badge

5. Gulley vs. Hansen
6. Deer Crossing
7. The Specialists
8. Peanuts and Crackerjacks

9. Ketcham Power
10. The One Eyed Mule's Time Has Come
11. Away the Rolling River
12. Where Did Everybody Go?

13. The Marrying Fool
14. Eddie Joe
15. Zachariah
16. The Unholy Alliance

17. Slight of Hand
18. Wings of an Angel
19. About Jesse James
20. Fight of the Century [missing last 5 minutes of ep]

21. Man's Best Enemy
22. Wonder Fizz Flies Again
23. All in the Family
24. Bertha

Complete 1-24; 6 DVD's
Quality = 6 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. A mixture of the original black & white eps and color eps. Taken from older VHS, quality varies, a few 4/10 others 6-7/10. Quality of eps 3 & 19 is roughly 3/10. Some eps do have some static lines and a hiss in the audio. Episode 20 is missing the last 5 minutes. These are the only copies we have been able to come across.   

Price $25.50USD



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