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Morton & Hayes was a short-lived comedy television series, shown Wednesday nights at 8:30 on CBS. Only six episodes were shown, from July 24 to August 28, 1991.

This series was centered around the "rediscovered" work of a fictitious comedy duo.

Each 30-minute episode was presented in the style of a documentary, in which host Rob Reiner introduced another long-lost comedy film short starring Chick Morton (Kevin Pollak) and Eddie Hayes (Bob Amaral). The films on the show were supposed to have been produced by (fictional) producer Max King in the late 1930s and early 1940s.

Each black-and-white Morton & Hayes short was played, not as a parody of old-time comedy, but a tribute to it. The films were made to look the way they would have if they'd been authentic, and the comedy was in the style of Abbott and Costello, with lean Morton in the "Abbott" role and plump Hayes as his "Costello."

After each film, Reiner would introduce and interview one or more of the actors from the picture (made-up to look decades older, of course). At the end of the last episode, the "now-elderly" Morton and Hayes were reunited on the show, after years of estrangement.

Rob Reiner as host
Kevin Pollak as Chick Morton
Bob Amaral as Eddie Hayes

Guest Stars:
Christopher Guest
Raye Birk
Allison Janney
Courteney Cox
Joe Flaherty
Michael McKean

1. Daffy Dicks
2. The Bride of Mummula
3. Society Saps
4. Oafs Overboard
5. The Vase Shop
6. Home Buddies

Complete 1-6; 1 DVD's
Quality = 6.5-7 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. Taken from older vhs. There are some static blips and some background hiss.

Price $10.50USD


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