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The series, set in the mid-23rd century, took place on a deep-space medical space station (the eponymous "Mercy Point") that catered to the medical needs of both humans and aliens, and served as a crossroads for both human and alien civilizations, as well as between the military and civilian agencies of human culture. While short-running, the series benefited from complex characters and intriguing hints at the greater universe outside of the hospital's hull.

Joe Morton as Dr. Grote Maxwell
Maria del Mar as Dr. Haylen Breslauer
Alexandra Wilson as Dr. Dru Breslauer
Brian Mcfind?q=ara as Dr. Caleb "C.J." Jurado
Julia Pennington as ANI (Android Nursing Interface)
Gay Thomas as Dr. Rema Cook
Jordan Lund as Dr. Batung
Salli Richardson as Lt. Kim Salisaw
Christine Willes as Nurse Molly Tobitt
Kirsten Robek as Nurse Davies
Joe Spano as Dr. Harris DeMilla
Haig Sutherland as Nagnom

1. Pilot
2. New Arrivals
3. Opposing Views
4. Last Resort

5. Second Chances
6. No Mercy
7. Battle Scars
8. Persistence of Vision

Complete 1-8; 2 DVD's
Quality = 7 out of 10, except for eps 4-6. Their quality is 3-4 out of 10.
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. Taken from older vhs.

Price $21.50USD


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