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Top of the Heap focused on the attempts of two minor Married... with Children characters Charlie Verducci (Joseph Bologna) and his son Vinnie (Matt LeBlanc) to get rich. Charlie's "master plan" is for Vinnie to marry into a wealthy family; to this end, the two Chicago slum residents try to get into high society. Mona Mullins (Joey Lauren Adams) is a girl from the Verduccis' neighborhood who has a crush on Vinnie, who tries to fend her off. Alixandra Stone (Rita Moreno) is the manager of a country club, and the object of Charlie's affections.

In some episodes actors from Married... with Children made guest appearances as their characters from the show, thus reinforcing the connection between the two series.

In 1992, there was a continuation of this series entitled Vinnie & Bobby; it also lasted for only seven episodes.

The pilot was episode 20 of the 5th season of Married... with Children.

Joseph Bologna as Charlie Verducci
Matt LeBlanc as Vinnie Verducci
Joey Lauren Adams as Mona Mullins
Rita Moreno as Alixandra Stone
Leslie Jordan as Emmett Lafebver
Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy
Pamela Anderson as Romona

1. Top of the Heap
2. The Agony and the Agony
3. Behind the Eight Ball
4. Stocks and Bondages

5. The Last Temptation of Charlie
6. The Marrying Guy
7. Mona by Moonlight

Complete 1-7; 2 DVD's
Quality = 7 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials.
Taken from older vhs, there are some static blips.

Price $21.50USD


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