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Burt Reynolds stars as police lieutenant John Hawk, a full-blooded Iroquois working the streets of New York City as a special detective for the city's District Attorney's office. Hawk is assisted by his partner, Dan Carter (played by Wayne Grice). Hawk and Carter deal with various common cases such as murder, organized crime and arson. While facing the brutal daily life of being a detective, Hawk's native heritage and ancestry has also created cause of discrimination and racism, both on the streets and in the office.

Many of the scenes were filmed on location in New York City, with some interior scenes filmed at the Filmways Studios in East Harlem.

The series also co-stars Bruce Glover as Assistant D.A. Murray Slaken, and Leon Janney as Assistant D.A. Ed Gorton.

Notable guest stars who appeared in this series include Gene Hackman, Martin Sheen, Robert Duvall, Diana Muldaur, Scott Glenn, Diane Baker, James Best, Bert Convy, Elizabeth Ashley, Kim Hunter and Lou Antonio.

Burt Reynolds as Detective Lt. John Hawk
Bruce Glover as Asst. D.A. Murray Slaken
Leon Janney as Asst. D.A. Ed Gorton
Wayne Grice as Det. Dan Carter

1. Do Not Mutilate or Spindle
2. The Longleat Chronicles
3. Thanks for the Honeymoon
4. Game With a Dead End

5. Death Comes Full Circle
6. The Theory of the Innocent Bystander
7. The Man Who Owned Everyone
8. How Close Can You Get?

9. The Living End of Sisterbaby
10. The Shivering Pigeon
11. Ulysses and the Republic
12. Legacy for a Lousy Future

13. H Is A Dirty Letter
14. Some Devil Whispered In His Ear
15. The Hands of Corbin Claybrooke

16. Wall of Silence
17. Blind Man's Bluff

Complete 1-17 episodes; 5 DVD's
Quality = 6.5-7.5 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. Taken from vhs. 

Price $25.50USD


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