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Good & Evil was the saga of two sisters, one an heir to the family cosmetics empire, the other a world-class scientist, and the backstabbing, jealousy, power struggles and other travails that occurred between them. Teri Garr starred as the "evil" sister, Denise Sandler, and Margaret Whitton as her "good" sister, Genevieve ("Genny"). Denise was icy and cutthroat, not just as CEO of Sandler Cosmetics, but in all other aspects of her life, but it didn't always get her what she wanted. At work, she took great delight in mistreating her secretary Mary (Mary Gillis) and her dumb assistant Roger (Sherman Howard). Feeling long slighted by her family, Denise was now out to steal what she thought was rightfully hers--beginning with presidency of the company. Elegant mother Charlotte (Marian Seldes) still ruled over Sandler Cosmetics with an iron fist, and was all too knowing of what her ruthless daughter was capable of. Charlotte, vain and caught up in her own legacy, promised to give Denise the helm when she reached retirement age--but only when she looked 65 (her line of products made her look generations younger, in her eyes, at least). This was only the first motivation in Denise's extensive plotting. One of these plans was soon to include that of the man she felt destined to marry, dashing boyfriend Dr. Eric Haan (Lane Davies).

Teri Garr as Denise Sandler
Margaret Whitton as Genevieve ("Gen")
Marian Seldes as Charlotte Sandler
Lane Davies as Dr. Eric Haan
Mark Blankfield as George
Seth Green as David
Brooke Theiss as Caroline
Mary Gillis as Mary
Marius Weyers as Ronald
Sherman Howard as Roger
Lane Smith as Harlan Shell
William Shockley as Sonny

1. Pilot
2. Episode 2
3. Episode 3

4. Episode 4
5. Episode 5
6. Episode 6

Complete 1-6; 2 DVD's
Quality = 7 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. The pilot ep is cropped on all sides, The rest are in full screen. Taken from older vhs, so there is a slight background hiss & a line of static at the bottom fo the screen. We have not come across the remaining unaired eps.

Price $19.50USD


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