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Frank Parish is a professor from Boston, who has not seen his father since he was two. 35 years later, he is told that his father died and that he owned a restaurant in New Orleans, which is now legally Frank's. Frank goes there and was going to go back and sell the restaurant to the employees, but Miss Marie feels that the restaurant is his legacy, so she has a curse placed on him that would take effect when he returns to Boston. And when he does all sorts things happen to him, so he returns to New Orleans. He tries to make a go of it but frankly, it's a different place for him. The one bright spot is Hannah Griffin, whom Frank has the hots for but unfortunately for him, she's engaged. But when Frank meets him, he thinks that he has a shot.

Tim Reid as Frank Parrish
Daphne Reid as Hanna Griffin
Tony Burton as Big Arthur
Virginia Capers as Bertha Griffin-Lamour
Robert Harper as Sy "Bubba" Weisberger
Lincoln Kilpatrick as Reverend Deal
Charles Lampkin as Tiger Shepin
Francesca Roberts as Anna-May
Frances E. Williams as Miss Marie
Don Yesso as Shorty LaRoux
William Thomas Jr. as Cool Charles

1. Pilot
2. Frank Returns
3. Frank Takes Charge
4. The Bridge
5. Frank Joins A Club

6. Eligible Bachelor
7. Disengaged
8. Cool and the Gang (1)
9. Cool and the Gang (2)
10. Reverend Gets His Flock

11. I.O.U.
12. Food Fight a.k.a. Fighting Chefs
13. Season's Greetings
14. The Bum Out Front
15. Dueling Voodoo

16. Where's Ed?
17. Night Business
18. Shorty's Belle
19. Frank's Place—The Movie

20. Cultural Exchange
21. The Recruiting Game
22. The King of Wall Street

Complete 1-22; 5 DVD's
Quality = 7-7.5 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. Taken from vhs. There are some spots with static blips.

Price $25.50USD


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