Fantasy Island (1998)


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A darker and much more twisted take on the premise, this version of Fantasy Island bore little resemblance to the original 1978 series "Fantasy Island." This time around, the character of Mr. Roarke was taken over by character actor Malcolm McDowell. Sinister yet somehow charming, Mr. Roarke hung up his white tuxes in the pilot to don a more stylish black suit, which was foreshadowing of the change in the character. His powers, which would often defy nature, were taken to the ultimate extreme as he summoned lightening and storms, terrorized his prisoners (and sometimes guests), and even changed the gender of one man.

Meeting the guests at the dock with Mr. Roarke were Cal (Louis Lombardi), the chubby brainless bellhop, and Harry (Edward Hibbert), the debonaire Englishman concierge. Cal and Harry were reduced to being Roarke's prisoners, using their time on the island to work off a debt to Roarke. Also working as Roarke's assistant was Ariel (Madchen Amick), a beautiful shapeshifter whose powers nearly equaled Roarke's. The relationship between Ariel and Roarke was never fully explained -- sometimes they'd seem like brother and sister, other times like husband and wife -- many episodes hinted at an incestuous-like relationship.

Working on the mainland in the dreary Fantasy Island travel agency office were the eccentric Fischer and his secretary, Clia (Sylvia Sidney). Fischer (Fyvush Finkel), who was extremely jealous of Roarke's powers, spent his time recruiting unsuspecting guests for their fantasy vacations. Clia spent most of her time wisecracking. As in the original, stories involved people confronting their jealousies and obsessions, this time usually with more traumatic consequences.

Malcolm McDowell as Mr. Roarke
Louis Lombardi as Cal
Edward Hibbert as Harry
Madchen Amick as Ariel
Fyvush Finkel as Fisher
Sylvia Sidney as Clia


1. Pilot
2. Superfriends
3. We're Not Worthy

4. Dying to Dance
5. Secret Self
6. Estrogen

7. Dreams
8. Handymen
9. Wishboned

10. Let Go
11. Innocent
12. The Real Thing
13. Heroes

Complete 1-13; 4 DVD's
Quality = 7-7.5 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. Originally taken from older vhs. 

Price $24.50USD



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