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Strange and supernatural with a humorous bend, Dead Last chronicles the misadventures of a fledgling rock band on the verge of being discovered when the rockers accidentally stumble upon a magical ancient amulet that gives them the power to see ghosts…whether they want to or not. Suddenly, their popularity skyrockets - if only with the dead - as they find themselves eternally stuck with the unwanted task of helping an endless parade of apparitions resolve their unfinished business so they can move on to the next world.

In the band, The Problem, are Vaughn Parrish (the brooding and charismatic guitarist and singer, who sometimes lets his ego get the better of him), Scotty Sallback (the band's hulking drummer whose rough-and-tumble exterior hides a good-natured soul) and Jane Cahill, (the beautiful bass player, who often serves as the peacemaker of the group, mediating artistic differences between the two guys).

Kett Turton - Vaughn Parrish
Tyler Labine - Scotty Sallback
Sara Downing - Jane Cahill
Wayne Pére - Dennis Budny

1. Pilot
2. Heebee Geebees
3. Death Is in the Air
4. The Mulravian Candidate

5. The Problem with Corruption
6. To Serve, with Love
7. Gastric Distress
8. Teen Spirit

9. He Who Smelt It
10. Laughlin It Up
11. Jane's Exit
12. The Crawford Touch
13. To Live and Amulet Die

Complete 1-13; 3 DVD's
Quality = 8 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials.

Price $19.50USD



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