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This is a fanciful drama about life in medieval England for Sir Thomas, a widower, and his four children. Richard and Armus are stalwart young knights, but the other two children only wish they were. Cedric is in training to be a cleric as his late mother wished. Eleanor finds it difficult because of her sex, although she is as good on a horse and with a crossbow as any man. (Another son, William, left for the Crusades after the pilot episode and was barely mentioned again.)

Sir Thomas has developed a relationship with Lady Elizabeth, who lives in her own castle nearby. Their other neighbor, Baron John Mullens, is continually plotting to ruin Sir Thomas and take his land.

The series was filmed on location at Allington Castle and Penshurst Place in Kent.

Paul Brooke - Friar
James Faulkner - Sir John Mullens
Jonathan Firth - Richard Grey
Tim Killick - Armus Grey
Cherie Lunghi - Lady Elizabeth
Glenn Quinn - Cedric Grey
Ione Skye - Eleanor Grey
Nigel Terry - Sir Thomas Grey

Cast Interviews
1. Pilot
2. Armus Returns
3. Outlaws

4. Cedric Hits the Road
5. The Hero
6. Blinded Passions
7. The Persecution
8. Eviction (UNAIRED)

9. The Trial (UNAIRED)
10. The Plague (UNAIRED)
11. Revenge (UNAIRED)
12. Celebration (UNAIRED)
13. Brothers (UNAIRED)

Complete 1-13; 3 DVD's
Quality = 8 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. Capped from studio master tapes not TV.

Price $21.50USD



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