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The daily adventures of New York cabdriver George O'Grady who, while not the weirdest man in New York, is "definitely in the top three." When not expounding his theories on government conspiracies and alien visitations to his fares, he hangs out at a local bar with his only-slightly-less-eccentric friends.

George Carlin as George O'Grady
Alex Rocco as Harry Rossetti
Susan Sullivan as Kathleen Rachowski
Paige French as Sydney
Anthony Starke as Jack Donahue
Michael G. Hagerty as Frank
Christopher Rich as Dr. Neil Beck
Matt Landers as Larry Pinkerton

1. When Unexpected Things Happen to George
2. George Sees an Airplane
3. George Goes on a Date (part 1)
4. George Goes on a Date (part 2)
5. George Helps Sidney
6. George Expresses Himself

7. George Gets Some Money
8. George Destroys a Way of Life
9. George Loses His Thermos
10. George Speaks His Mind
11. George Looks Down the Wrong End of a Thirty-Eight
12. George Plays a Mean Pinball
13. George Lifts the Holy Spirit

14. George Gets a Big Surprise
15. George Runs into an Old Friend
16. George Goes Too Far
17. George Gets Hoist By His Own Petard
18. George Pulls the Plug
19. George Gets Caught in the Middle
20. George Really Does It This Time

21. George Shoots Himself in the Foot
22. George Does a Bad Thing
23. George Puts on a Happy Face
24. George Tells the Truth
25. George Likes a Good War
26. George Helps a Friend
27. George Digs Rock 'n' Roll Music

Complete 1-27; 4 DVD's
Quality = 6 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. These were taken from older vhs, quality tends to vary from one ep to the next. There are some spots with static and a few skips. Some eps have a background hiss in the audio.

Price $23.50USD


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