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Alex works alongside her father, at his law firm, and while he is very proud of her, it pains him that his daughter is not married yet. If Bill had his way, Alex would settle down with her colleague, Stephen. Julian and Molly are Alex's best friends, but none of their advice could prepare her for the unexpected feelings she's having for an impulsive, renaissance man, Scott.

Jenna Elfman as Alex Rose
Dabney Coleman as Bill Rose
Hugh Bonneville as Julian
Josh Randall as Scott Larson
Jillian Bach as Molly
Josh Stamberg as Stephen


1. A Tale of Two Kisses
2. Is She Really Going Out With Him?
3. Girlfriend
4. New Best Friend
5. The Fix-Up
6. Birthday

7. The Mattress
8. Big Client
9. Perfect Couple
10. You Compete Me
11. Alex Looks Out For Stephen
12. A Moving Story

Complete 1-12; 2 DVD's
Quality = 8.5-9 out of 10
wide/Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. The last 4 episodes are in full screen.   

Price $21.50USD



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