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Black Saddle TV series, a hugely popular Old Western Cowboy genre TV show combined with well-meaning lawyer profession. A story of the fast-drawer gunslinger Clay Culhane (played by Peter Breck, later to be Nick on Big Valley), a popular gun man belongs to the famous family of gunfighters. When Clay and his two brothers encountered a shootout, Clay almost got killed but his two brothers unlucky died in the encounter.

After losing his brothers, Culhane decided to settle the cases not in old fashioned way anymore, to dispute cases in less violent way, he chose to a more peaceful path and practice law. His adventures as a ex-gunfighter-turned circuit lawyer, he travel in Latigo, New Mexico territory in post Civil War years, carrying his law book with a black saddle bag and trying to help people who are in need of legal assistance. Most of his clients want to hire his fast gun drawing skills rather than his lawyering skills, many people and US officials couldn't believed in his new profession and given up the gun for good. US Marshal Gib Scott constantly followed him, tries to trigger Clay's gunfighter blood, but Clay Culhane eagerly uphold & settle cases using the law rather than disputing it with a pistol criminal ways.

The Black Saddle, a popular classic TV series was aired from January 1959 and lasted until May 1960.

Peter Breck as Clay Culhane
Russell Johnson as Marshal Gib Scott
Anna-Lisa as Nora Travers
Keenan Wynn as Narrator
J. Pat O'Malley as Judge Caleb Marsh
Hampton Fancher as Deputy Lon Gillis
Walter Burke as Tim Potter

Season 1
1. Client: Travers
2. Client: Meade
3. Client: McQueen
4. Client: Dawes
5. Client: Starkey

6. Client: Tagger
7. Client: Robinson
8. Client: Martinez
9. Client: Northrup
10. Client: Steele

11. Client: Mowery
12. Client: Braun
13. Client: Banks
14. Client: Jessup
15. Client: Frome

16. Client: Nelson
17. Client: Neal Adams
18. Client: Brand
19. Client: Reynolds
20. Client: Vardon

Season 2
21. The Freebooters
22. The Saddle
23. The Long Rider
24. The Hotel
25. Client: Peter Warren

26. The Freight Line
27. Murdock
28. Apache Trail
29. Four from Stillwater
30. The Deal

31. Change of Venue
32. Blood Money
33. The Killer
34. Letter of Death
35. Mr. Simpson

36. Means to an End
37. The Indian Tree
38. The Apprentice
39. Burden of Guilt
40. The Cabin

41. The Return
42. A Case of Slow
43. The Penalty
44. End of the Line

Complete 1-44; 9 DVD's
Quality = 8 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. These eps have the black sidebars and some have the the info bar from the cable box in the first few seconds.
There are spots here and there where the screen gets a little pixeled, it lasts for a few seconds and then goes back to normal

Price $34.50USD


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