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From Steven Bochco Productions comes an innovative take on the modern police drama. The lead character, New York Detective Jim Dunbar, was blinded in a shootout when his partner failed to cover him. He could have retired with a full pension after his injury, but instead fought to remain on the job, determined to prove he still has what it takes and be an asset. Now, following his reinstatement, he is assigned to a new precinct where he intends to take on cases with the help of his guide dog, Hank.

On his first day back on the job, he meets Detectives Tom Selway (Reno Wilson) and Marty Russo (Frank Grillo), both hardboiled New York cops. Russo is especially skeptical at the outset, bent on humiliating Dunbar and seeing him fail. In addition, there's Karen Bettancourt (Marisol Nichols), a Homicide detective who's been working with Selway and Russo for eight months on a serial murder case.

Though all the detectives are impressed by Dunbar's heroism, demonstrated during the events that led to his being blinded, they are angry he has returned and incredulous at his belief that he can still work the streets and carry a loaded gun. Bettancourt in particular has reservations, which are compounded by the knowledge of Dunbar's past affair with her friend. As a result, when Lieutenant Fisk (Michael Gaston) - who reluctantly agreed to give Dunbar a chance to prove himself - partners him with Bettancourt, she is furious.

Dunbar's wife, Christie (Rena Sofer) has stuck by him throughout his debilitating ordeal and supports him in his moment of need. However she has doubts about their marriage based on Dunbar's past infidelities, and begins to question why she stays, noting his tendency to take her for granted.

Ron Eldard - Det. Jim Dunbar
Marisol - Det. Karen Bettancourt
Rena Sofer - Christie Dunbar
Reno Wilson - Lt. Tom Selway
Frank Grillo - Det. Marty Russo
Michael Gaston - Lt. Gary Fisk

1. Pilot
2. Four Feet Under
3. Rub a Tub Tub
4. Up on a Roof

5. Marlon's Brando
6. Seoul Man
7. Leap of Faith
8. Past Imperfect

9. In Your Face
10. Doggone
11. Dance with Me

12. Under the Gun
13. Fancy Footwork

Complete 1-13; 4 DVD's
Quality = 8.5-9 out of 10
Wide Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. All episodes were taken from HDTV except for the last episode. The last episode is in full screen.

Price $23.50USD



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