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Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice was of necessity somewhat different from the R-rated 1969 movie upon which it was based. The film involved the (short-lived) desire of the two title couples to engage in a sexual foursome, which would have been obviously unacceptable on U.S. broadcast television in 1973. Instead, it made do with plots which were attempts at titillation by the broadcast standards of the time, but which stood a chance of surviving the censors at the network's Division of Standards and Practices.

These included skinny dipping, premarital sex, and unmarried couples cohabiting, which were still thought to be racy topics for network television by many at the time. Generally, Ted and Alice Henderson were more conservative than the "liberated" Bob and Carol Sanders. No members of the original film cast reprised their roles in the series.

Robert Urich as Bob Sanders
Anne Archer as Carol Sanders
David Spielberg as Ted Henderson
Anita Gillette as Alice Henderson
Jodie Foster as Elizabeth Henderson
Brad Savage as Sean Sanders

1. Can I Help It If She's Crazy About Me?
2. Alice's Wild Oat
3. Pilot
4. I'm Not Jealous, Only Curious

5. Open Marriage, Closed Mind
6. Nobody Wants To Talk About It
7. The Bare Truth Hurts
8. Such Good Friends

9. Walk a Mile in My Clogs
10. Double, Double, Doyle & Trouble
11. Inadmissible Evidence
12. My Butcher is a Thief

Complete 1-12 episodes; 3 DVD's
Quality = 6.5-7 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. Taken from VHS. 

Price $24.50USD


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