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From three-time Emmy-award winning executive producer Richard Appel ("The Simpsons," "King of the Hill") comes this footloose legal comedy about a new class of idealistic but all-too-human Assistant United States Attorneys who struggle to make their way in their personal lives while making a difference in the cases they prosecute every day in New York City.

Adam Sullivan (Scott Foley, "Felicity") is a promising young A.U.S.A. whose intelligence is bound with a gullible nature that presents an uphill battle in his pursuit of both career and romantic success. At work, he must argue cases against Susan Rakoff (Amanda Detmer, "The Majestic"), a beautiful and savvy public defender who regards the A.U.S.A.'s as enemies of the people. Adam is also challenged by his reluctant supervisor Geoffrey Laurence (Peter Jacobson, "*61") and a wide-eyed paralegal Wally (John Ross Bowie, "Road Trip"), whose social ineptitude is matched only by his newfound devotion to Adam. Working alongside Adam as an Assistant U.S. Attorney is Ana Rivera (Ana Ortiz, NBC's "Kristin"), a former cop with the street experience to compensate for Adam's occasional na´vetÚ. Also in Adam's life is his roommate Owen Harper (Eddie McClintock, NBC's "Stark Raving Mad"), a trusted friend who reminds Adam of the lighter side of life outside the world of federal prosecution.

Scott Foley - Adam Sullivan
Amanda Detmer - Susan Rakoff
Eddie McClintock - Owen Harper
Ana Ortiz - Ana Rivera
Peter Jacobson - Geoffrey Laurence
John Ross Bowie - Wally Berman

1. Pilot
2. Rich Man, Poor Man
3. 12 Happy Grandmothers
4. Till Death Do Us Part

5. The Joint Report ... A Love Story
6. Walter's First Lawsuit
7. Sullivan, Rakoff & Associate
8. The Kiss

Complete 1-8; 2 DVD's
Quality = 8.5 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no commercials, no subtitles.

Price $19.50USD



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