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John Hemingway, recovering alcoholic, has been appointed to the role of night shift manager of the St. Louis bus depot. He must deal not only with the intricacies of keeping the station running smoothly, but also the employees and other personalities that frequent the station, all while dealing with his own demons. This was highlighted in the first episode, with a running gag of every character offering to buy him a drink upon his meeting them.

Much of the first season dealt with John's attempts to stay sober, with episodes representing each of the AA program's Twelve Steps. John constantly struggled to maintain control of the station, with regular conflicts with his secretary, Mahalia, the janitor, Heavy Gene, and most strongly with sandwich bar attendant, Dexter, who had been turned down for the position to which John was appointed. Adding sexual tension to John's life was high class escort Carly, who was a friend of Dexter.

John Larroquette as John Hemingway
Liz Torres as Mahalia Sanchez
Daryl "Chill" Mitchell as Dexter
Gigi Rice as Carly Watkins
Alison LaPlaca as Catherine Merrick
Chi McBride as Heavy Gene
Lenny Clarke as Officer Adam Hampton
Elizabeth Berridge as Officer Eve Eggers
Bill Morey as Oscar
David Crosby as Chester, John's AA sponsor
John F. O'Donoghue as Max Dumas
Omri Katz as Tony, John's estranged son
Donna Mills as Carol, John's estranged wife
Mayim Bialik as Rachel Owlglass, John's daughter
Ted McGinley as Karl Reese, John's rival for Carl

Disc 1
Season 1
1. Pilot
2. Thirty Day Chip
3. Celibate!
4. This is Not a Step
5. The Unforgiven

Disc 2
6. Pros and Cons
7. Jumping Off the Wagon
8. The Past Comes Back
9. There's a Mister Hitler Here to See You
10. Amends

Disc 3
11. Newcomer
12. My Hero
13. God
14. The Big Slip
15. Death and Dishonor

Disc 4
16. Don't Drink and Drive Nuclear Waste
17. Eggs
18. Another Average Night
19. Dirty Deeds
20. John and Carol

Disc 5
21. Grit
22. Date Night
23. Wasted Lives
24. A Dark and Stormy Night

Disc 6
Season 2
25. Changes
26. Hiding Out
27. A Bird in the Hand
28. Good News/Bad News
29. The Tutor
30. Acting Alone

Disc 7
31. Vacation
32. The Book of Rachel
33. Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose, But Then So's Desperate
34. Just Like a Woman
35. A Cult to the System

Disc 8
36. The Job
37. Faith
38. The Defiant One
39. Wrestling Matches
40. Whipping Post

Disc 9
41. Bad Pennies
42. Time Out
43. In the Pink
44. You Bet Your Life
45. Rachel Redux

Disc 10
45. The Wedding
46. Several Unusual Love Stories
48. And the Heat Goes On

Disc 11
Season 3
49. More Changes
50. Even More Changes
51. Rachel and Tony
52. A Moveable Feast
53. Johns

Disc 12
54. Night Moves
55. An Odd Cup of Tea
56. Love on the Line
57. Master Class
58. Ring of Fire

Disc 13
59. John's Lucky Day
60. Black and White and Red All Over
61. The Housewarming
62. Cosmetic Perjury
63. The Train Wreck

Disc 14
64. Some Call Them Beasts
65. Here We Go Again
66. The Dance
67. A Night to Remember
68. Independence Day

Disc 15
69. Hello, Baby, Hello
70. Intern Writer
71. Running for Carly
72. Happy Endings

Disc 16
Season 4
73. Untying the Knot
74. Mother of the Year
75. Bathing with Ernest Hemingway
76. The Blues Traveller [missing]
77. Copies [missing]
78. Isosceles Love Triangle

NOT Complete 76 out of 78 eps; 16 DVD's
Quality = 5-6 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. These were taken from old vhs tapes. There is static and pops through out. Along with some background hiss. The quality of season 1 is 4.5-5. Season 2 and on are a bit better than season 1. The quality is based on viewing these on a 27" tv. These are the only copies of this we have ever been able to find, if we find better the set will be updated.

Price $51.50USD


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