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Ever wish you could live your last week all over again? Well, my name's Frank B. Parker, and I do it all the time. I work for a secret government project experimenting in time travel. When things really get screwed up, I'm the guinea pig they send back to take care of it. The catch is, I can only go back 7 days.

"7 Days" chronicles the adventures of Frank Parker, a "chrononaut" assigned to the U.S. government's "Operation Back Step." The operation revolves around the Sphere, created by Dr.'s Mentnor, Vukavitch, and Ballard from alien technology salvaged from Roswell. The alien power source allows a jump of only seven days, so when a crisis occurs the government assigns NSA agent Frank Parker to jump back in time up to 7 days to prevent it, creating a new timeline where only Frank remembers the old one. Frank is uniquely qualified for the job - he has a high tolerance for pain (required during piloting), a photographic memory, and has had some psychiatric problems that give him a very...flexible mindset when dealing with altered timelines. Assisting him on his missions are project head Bradley Talmadge, head of security Nathan Ramsey, and military advisor and back-up chrononaut Craig Donovan. In the third season Ballard retires and his replacement "Hooter" Owsley takes his place as scientific expert and recurring guest star.

Jonathan LaPaglia - Lt. Frank Bartholomew Parker
Justina Vail - Dr. Olga Vukavitch
Don Franklin - Capt. Craig Donovan
Nick Searcy - Nathan Ramsey
Sam Whipple - Dr. John Ballard
Alan Scarfe - Dr. Bradley Talmadge
Norman Lloyd - Dr. Isaac Mentnor

1. Pilot (part 1)
2. Pilot (part 2)
3. The Gettysburg Virus
4. Come Again?
5. Vows
6. Doppleganger (part 1)
7. Doppleganger (part 2)
8. Shadow Play

9. As Time Goes By
10. Sleepers
11. HAARP Attack
12. Last Card Up
13. Last Breath
14. Parkergeist
15. Daddy's Girl
16. There's Something About Olga

17. A Dish Best Served Cold
18. Vegas Heist
19. EBEs
20. Walter
21. Lifeboat

22. The Football
23. Pinball Wizard
24. Parker.com
25. For the Children
26. Two Weddings and a Funeral
27. Walk Away
28. Sister's Keeper
29. The Collector

30. Love and Other Disasters
31. The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
32. Time Gremlin
33. Buried Alive
34. The Backstepper's Apprentice
35. Deja Vu All Over Again
36. Space Station Down
37. The Cuban Missile

38. X-35 Needs Changing
39. Brother, Can You Spare a Bomb?
40. Pope Parker
41. Witch Way to the Prom
42. Mr. Donovan's Neighborhood
43. Playmates and Presidents
44. The Cure

45. Stairway to Heaven
46. Peacekeepers
47. Rhino
48. The Dunwych Madness
49. Olga's Excellent Vacation
50. Deloris Demands
51. The Fire Last Time
52. Tracker

53. Top Dog
54. Adam & Eve & Adam
55. Head Case
56. Raven
57. The First Freshman
58. Revelation
59. Crystal Blue Persuasion
60. Empty Quiver

61. Kansas
62. The Final Countdown
63. The Brink
64. Sugar Mountain
65. Born in the USSR
66. Live: From Death Row

Complete 1-66; 9 DVD's
Quality = 8.5 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. Capped from Spike TV.

Price $35.50USD



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