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Three Rivers is about the lives of organ donors, the doctors, and recipients of the organs at preeminent transplant hospital. Dr. Andy Yablonskiis the leader of the team of surgeons: Dr. Miranda Foster, a woman with a reputation of being a rebel and who strives to live up to her fathers legacy; Dr. David Lee, the surgeon that breaks all the ladies hearts; Ryan Abbott, the inexperienced new transplant coordinator whose come up with a complex new way of transferring organs to the patients; Dr. Sophia Jordan, the head of organ surgery and Pam Acosta, Dr. Andy Yablonski's operating assistant and best friend. These are the stories of organ surgeons and what it's like to be in a race against the clock.

Alex O'Loughlin as Dr. Andy Yablonski
Katherine Moennig as Dr. Miranda Foster
Daniel Henney as David Lee
Alfre Woodard as Dr. Sophia Jordan
Christopher J. Hanke as Ryan Abbott
Justina Machado as Pam Acosta

1. Place of Life
2. Ryan's First Day
3. Good Intentions
4. Code Green

5. Alone Together
6. Where We Lie
7. The Luckiest Man
8. The Kindness of Strangers

9. Win-Loss
10. A Roll of the Dice
11. Every Breath You Take
12. Case Histories
13. Status 1A

Complete 1-13; 3 DVD's
Quality = 9.5 out of 10
Wide Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials.

Price $24.50USD


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