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Everyone has heard of the genius with a computer for a brain. In the case of Ed Bellamy, it's the truth. A secret government project put microchips in babies' brains, and they all grew up to be geniuses. Only problem is, the chips start to break down, causing intense dreams which slowly drive them mad, and none of the kids survives past their 21st birthday. Ed finds out about it on his 20th. Agent Winston, assigned to bury the project, frames Ed for murder. Maria, who he met at the party, is a witness. Together, they set off to clear their names, find a cure, help other cybs, and stay out of jail and alive. 

Jack Noseworthy as Ed Bellamy
Lisa Dean Ryan as Maria Cavalos
Whip Hubley as Winston

1. Dead at 21
2. Brain Salad
3. Love Minus Zero
4. Shock the Monkey
5. Gone Daddy Gone

6. Use Your Illusion
7. Live for Today
8. Tie Your Mother Down
9. Cry Baby Cry

10. Life During Wartime
11. Hotel California
12. In Through the Out Door (1)
13. In Through the Out Door (2)

Complete 1-13; 3 DVD's
Quality = 7.5-8 out of 10
Full Screen in English, no subtitles, no commercials. Original source was vhs, there are some spots with static blips.

Price $23.50USD


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